Corporate Diwali Gifts for Acknowledging Your Customers
26.09.2013 14:52
Diwali, the festivals of light, seems to roll around faster and faster every year, and this is usually preceded by a mad panic of choosing which corporate Diwali gifts to send your customers, and often leaving you with the feeling like you didn’t quite nail it! Your customers are valuable to your business and sending them a gift is a fantastic way of acknowledging their business and ongoing support. With so many options, deciding what to gift can sometimes seem daunting, however in this article we have outlined below some ideas that we hope will assist you in your decision of buying corporate Diwali gifts: 
  • Budget
As you my have some companies that only spend a few hundred rupees with you each year and others that may spend several thousand, or more, set a series of gift tiers based on the value of their business with you, your intended future business, and good will. Once you have these tiers you will be able to section your customers off then figure out the budget for each tier depending on the number of customers in that tier. 
  • Suitability 
You may have some customers where you deal with them on a one to one basis where a gift suited to an individual is appropriate; however, if your dealings are with more than one member of the company, then a gift suited for the whole team is a better choice such as a gift basket where they can share the items and have good time! 
  • Branded (or not)
Clearly, we want our corporate Diwali gifts to be recognizable and where possible to have endurance so the recipients are gently reminded of your company every time they use them, that's why corporate calendars have been such a popular choice for companies for so many years, their brand is showcased for an entire year. However branding of gifts is not always essential, particularly if you choose a gift that is memorable, and unique.
  • Personal Touch
You will often spend a lot of time during the year dealing with your customers, and as your relationship builds you will learn more about them and their personality, likes and dislikes, so for those customers where your connection is more than just sending them a bill each month, take time to choose something personal or customize the gift you sending them. If everyone else is getting sweet treats and goodies in their gift baskets and you know your customer has a problem of sweet tooth and loves chocolates, ensure that they get a basket which is filled with his or her favorite chocolates, showing you care will go a long way making them feel valuable and appreciated.
Online gift stores are an easy means to buy corporate Diwali gifts for your customers, associates and colleagues. They offer you best of best gift items at affordable price range! 


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